Minimum Crisis


Ronchamp, digitally printed mesh, bungee, carabiners, 2017

Untitled, Recycled paper, 2017

Unification, Acrylic, MDF, Print, 2017


What do we have when attempting to be aware of our position in the system of the world? How do we attempt to be concerned with what we are making and the legacy of those things we leave behind?

What does it mean to be European?

What did it used to mean?

What will it mean in the future?

What are the physical remnants that people will be able to recognise as european and if not just a set of ideas what else will represents it apart from colonial decay?

 Sam Hewland’s Minimum Crisis investigates boundaries in shape and form of architectural history and political histories that have shaped notions of what Europe looks like today. Using references of physical structures and the collaging of imagery, the work  looks at physical notions surrounding architecture and troubles with european architectural histories.

Connor Brazier has also written an essay as an introduction to the exhibition.

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