Losers Gym Archive

Losers Gym was a studio and latterly gallery in Nottingham, UK.
The project space was used as a public facing gallery, hosting quick-turn-around exhibitions and events.
There was a focus on presenting emerging or pre-career artists, delivering experimental exhibitions as well as open communal events.


July 2017, Rose Walsh, Don’t Mention Brexit

June 2017, Joshua Johnson, A Sullen Hue

May 2017, Ashley Holmes, Shape Up

April 2017, Collector’s Dinner

April 2017, Claire Baily/ Ian Jackson, Affix

March 2017, Rebecca Ounstead, New Condition

January 2017, Tom Sewell, A Nature of Agencies

November 2016, Zoe Spowage, Bring Me Your Love

September 2016, Paul Barlow, In Well Ventilated Areas

August 2016, Matt Welch, Human Village

July 2016, Charlie Godot Thomas, Preen Blank and Amourous


June 2016, Sam Hewland & Mark Riddington, Rates of Decline


May 2016, Lucas Dillon, Suspect Device